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These are hands-on courses *(Thursday evening only 18.00 – 21.00)* to help you gain knowledge and confidence in Carpentry. Our Instructors have vast experience working on site and in a learning environment. You will be guided through the course to complete all the units required to gain your Nationally Recognised Accredited Award or Certificate in Skills for professions in Construction and engineering.

A full Health & Safety induction will precede training.

5 week (Evening only) Carpentry and joinery Course – £250.00 Plus VAT 

(In-house certified qualification)

All courses are Thursday Evenings only 18.00 – 21.00

Our 5 Week Carpentry course can be tailored to suit your individual needs whether you are a complete novice or you have had experience of Carpentry and just want to improve your skills.

It’s also a very good starting point for people beginning their career in construction trades.

Our typical curriculum is as follows:

  • Identify tools of the trade
  • How to use and maintain carpentry hand tools correctly
  • Carpentry hand skills
  • Measurements
  • Prepare Carpentry and joinery power tools
  • Produce basic woodworking joints
  • Recognise different types of materials
  • Marking timber square
  • Saw timber square to a line
  • Mark out the timber working from the face to edge
  • Saw down to the required edge
  • Using chisel to remove timber

NOCN Level 1 Award in Carpentry and Joinery (evenings only) – £360.00  plus VAT 5 week course
(Nationally Recognised NOCN Award)

  • Introduction to study skills
  • Carpentry and hand skills
  • Maintain and use carpentry and joinery tools
  • Select material required
  • Mark timber square
  • Use appropriate tools
  • Mark to given angle
  • Saw timber square to given angle
  • Face and edge markings
  • Use Chisel to remove timber

NOCN Level 1 Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery (evenings only) – £800.00 plus VAT 12 week course
(Nationally recognised NOCN Award)

  • Introduction to study skills
  • Time management skills
  • Carpentry and hand skills
  • Prepare and use carpentry and joinery hand tools
  • Produce basic frames using woodworking joints to a given specification
  • Using and holding devises correctly
  • Using basic line drawings when marking out to produce basic woodworking joints
  • Produce full size drawings of the products being produced
  • Use a tape measure and rule to mark out materials

NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery (Evening only) – £1200.00 PLUS VAT 24 week course 

(Nationally recognised NOCN Award)

  • Working in the Construction Industry
  • Exploring Carpentry and Joinery
  • Selecting PPE required for carpentry and joinery tasks
  • Prepare and use carpentry and joinery portable hand tools
  • Using and maintaining woodworking tools
  • Woodwork jointing skills
  • Produce setting rods to mark out timber
  • Mark out timber in preparation to produce specified joints
  • Produce specified joints
  • Health and safety in construction
  • Demonstrative team work

A full demonstration of each unit will be given before you begin practical work.

The course is delivered to a high standard and you will be supported throughout the course. *(Thursday evening only)*

There will be a continuity of assessments, tutor feedback, course validation and evidence to enhance your learning experience which in turn will give you the best possible outcome of the course.  This will give you solid foundations to begin your career in the building trade.

We are confident our courses will enhance your learning abilities and employability prospects.

Hot and cold drinks are provided during breaks times.   All tools and materials will be supplied for you. Please wear suitable clothing and please be advised, for your safety, you are required to supply your own safety footwear.  We are flexible to suit all individual requirements. If a break in your training period occurs, we can recommence within an agreed time frame.

All courses are designed on individual needs and will be discussed during the induction.

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