Functional Skills


Dorset Trade Skills understands Functional Skills as thought and expression-based activities which are advantageously applied to real-life and practical situations.

They are particularly relevant to many modern employment practices and requirements.

People who have previously fallen behind in the traditional academic disciplines of Maths and English often find Functional Skills empowering.

Many employers and colleges recognise Functional Skills as valid entry requirements for their training and courses, alongside GCSEs for example.

They apply to learners age 13 and over.

Levels are termed “pre-entry”, “entry”, “level 1”, “level 2”, “level 3” etc.

Functional Skills are measured, taught and accredited through Dorset Trade Skills on the 2nd to 4th levels – entry level, level 1 and level 2.

For comparison purposes only, accomplished outcomes at level 2 in Maths or English equate to pass and higher grades at GCSE level.

The “levels” indicate competence reached, across these and a range of other subject and skills areas, including the Construction Skills courses described in the other tabs.

Functional Skills Areas:

Dorset Trade Skills Policies overview

Within its remit to deliver Functional Skills courses, DTS’ rigorous policies centred on the Safeguarding of Children are in place. Relating policies for Off-site Learning, Health and Safety, Prevent, Equal Opportunities, Modern Slavery, Data Protection, Student use of IT and Accident and Emergency are included within Dorset Trade Skills (Safeguarding) Policies.

Internal student-related policies are available on request.

Dorset Trade Skills’ Syllabuses and Accreditation

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