Does everything add up?

There is no getting around it: some knowledge of maths is necessary in the construction industry.  Your calculator can help you only so far; you still need to know what calculations to instruct the calculator to make.

If you feel there may be gaps in your knowledge, Dorset Trade Skills can offer a Functional Skills course at the right level for you, enabling you to work with confidence on angles, area, scale and other essential skills.


Small Print

As with English, each student is assessed to determine the appropriate start-point.  This is discussed with the student and followed by appropriate one-to-one tuition.

The course aims to improve competence in practical maths, ensuring that foundation skills are covered and that students will be able, in particular, to understand and utilise skills needed for the construction industry, including: angles and other basic geometry, weights and measurements, ratio and percentages.

Students are entered for examination as they reach the required degree of competence for each level.

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