Employability Skills

  • Dorset Trade Skills Employability Skills

We deliver Employability courses to individuals and companies all over the South West.
These courses are fully accredited and we are able to deliver certification within 14 days. Included in the courses we deliver are:
• Level 2 Food Hygiene
• Level 1 Nutrition and Health
• Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace
• Level 2 Manual Handling
• Level 2 Conflict Management
• Level 1 Asbestos Awareness
• Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction ( Pre – Requisite for a CSCS card)

  • Level 2 COSHH
  • Level 3 Food hygiene
  • Level 2 Mental Health awareness

These courses are fully mobile and can be delivered at your workplace. We can also deliver at Weekends or evenings to fit in with your core day.

Social, Cultural, Relational

For the purposes of gainful employment prospects, good relations and personal well-being for life, all our students engaging in Functional Skills do so in the company of staff whose values relate to:

  • positive attitude,
  • appropriate manners,
  • ethical decision-making,
  • healthy living choices,
  • honesty towards self and others,
  • care and respect for self and others.

Emphasis is placed on basic skills such as writing a CV and punctual time-keeping ranging through to navigating the fast-moving changes and pressures facing people today.

Dorset Trade Skills is committed to exemplifying law-abiding and safeguarding practices and the responsible sharing of information.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the workshop or study area. This is to maintain a safe, secure environment for students and staff. We have a responsibility to ensure that machinery and tools are used without potentially dangerous distraction, that learning takes place in a focused manner, and that others in the workplace do not have their right to privacy breached.

Family members are welcome to use the Dorset Trade Skills landline telephone number for any urgent messages to students.

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