Hello and welcome to SPROUT.

SPROUT is one of the ‘first’ creative and marketing agencies to be created within an educational learning environment.

SPROUT gives students the opportunity to gain REAL world experience by working with REAL briefs from REAL clients to deliver REAL solutions to REAL problems.

It’s a simple concept. But doesn’t keeping it simple usually produce the best results?

We think so. We hope you do too.

Why should I use SPROUT?

Whether you’re a Start-Up, an SME or an established business, if you’re looking for ideas for a new brand strategy or a brand new product name, a powerful ad campaign or a punchy new promotion, SPROUT is dedicated to delivering you more creative ideas, more often.

How do I give SPROUT a brief?

To give SPROUT a brief or to find out more simply call: John on 07939 001232 or Mandy at DTS on 01305 830221. Or email: enquiries @ dorsettradeskills.co.uk

We look forward to working with you.

How does SPROUT work?

Our process is really simple.

  • YOU give us a ‘LIVE’ brief along with an introduction to your business
  • WE generate ideas through our UPTHINKING Sessions
  • WE develop the ideas and then
  • WE make you a presentation
  • YOU give us your feedback and then
  • YOU Pay What You Think It’s Worth (PWYTIW)

How much does SPROUT cost?

SPROUT operates on a Pay What You Think It’s Worth (PWYTIW) basis. There are NO project fees and No hourly rates. If you don’t think our ideas are worth anything, don’t pay anything! What you think our ideas are worth is up to you.

Should YOU want us to deliver on any of the ideas presented, SPROUT has the experience and professional resources you need to effectively manage any project through to completion. Any outcomes are fully costed and at highly competitive rates.

Who benefits?

Just about everyone. SPROUT encourages entrepreneurship, collaboration and teamwork and empowers students and businesses alike to engage and communicate in a creative, innovative and beneficial way.

STUDENTS gain from:

  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Experience from working in a ‘real’ environment
  • Increased commercial awareness
  • Higher levels of professionalism and creativity
  • Heightened confidence and communication skills

BUSINESSES benefit from:

  • Cost effective creative resource
  • Real solutions to Real ‘live’ briefs
  • Viable solutions at highly competitive rates
  • Engagement with potential future employees
  • Bridging the gap between education and employment

Who facilitates SPROUT?

John Mills has worked as a Concept Development Director in marketing, advertising and sales promotion consultancies across London and the South for over 25 years.

He has a talent for generating ideas and the ability to develop and deliver strategic creative solutions, concepts and copy for a variety of audiences, across a range of communication media. John’s clients have included: American Airlines, Douwe Egberts, Sky, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bass Leisure Retail, Hertz, Freedom Group, C&G, Hoverspeed, SAGA, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

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