Can I have a word?

Do you lack the confidence that everything you write is accurate and easy to read?

Can you read and fully understand the instructions you have to follow or the policy that you have to sign?

Do you want to ensure that job applications show you in the best possible light?

With potentially  hundreds of applicants for each job, you need a CV attractive and accurate enough to get you to the interview stage.  An untidy, badly-worded piece of writing indicates you may not care about standards.

If you are concerned about any of the above, Dorset Trade Skills can help.  We offer Functional Skills courses in English from Entry Level up to Level 2.  Functional Skills courses are recognised by employers and Further Education Colleges.  They may qualify you to undertake courses leading to other practical qualifications.


The Small Print

Each person on the English course is given an initial assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses.  This provides an accurate start-point for an individual work-scheme, revised on a weekly basis.  Each student is regularly consulted about his or her preferred method of learning.

All levels are designed to improve the learner’s practical ability and confidence in reading and writing documents encountered at work and other important areas of life.  These include, for example: letters of application, CVs and instructions.

The course also develops the learner’s verbal expression in practical, everyday situations.

As students demonstrate the required ability for a particular level, they will be entered for the examination at that level.

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